About Us

  • Sarah Houston, founder and CEO of Aurganics Skincare, a Black female owned skincare brand for Black and brown women and non-binary individuals with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation through sensitive skin-friendly products

    Meet the Founder

    Hey, glowgetter! My name is Sarah Houston, and I am the founder and CEO of Aurganics Skincare. For as long as I could remember, I've struggled finding products for hyperpigmentation that didn't 1) break me out or 2) irritate my sensitive skin, whether from fragrance, harsh acids, or highly-concentrated ingredients.

  • On top of that, I rarely saw women who looked like me in marketing campaigns, only adding to my confusion. Skincare was like a guessing game every time, and I quickly grew frustrated with both my products and my skin. And as I talked to more glowgetters, I found that I wasn't the only one.

  • What began as a quarantine passion project to soothe my skin has become a space for melanated glow-getters (like me!) to celebrate and embrace our inherent glow, without discomfort. Because our skin is worth more than gold (Au).

63% of women of color feel ignored by the skin care industry.

Aurganics is here to change that.

  • Aurganics Skincare submark breakdown: gold's atomic number 79, gold's atomic symbol Au, and our founding statement: our melanated skin is worth more than gold.

    Our Mission

    Melanin-rich skin is more vulnerable to dark spots and acne scarring, but it often goes unnoticed and unmentioned by mainstream brands. At Aurganics Skincare, we create luxuriously gentle skincare for Black and brown glowgetters with hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin.

  • We believe our skin is worth more than gold (Au): just as we treat gold as precious, we should nurture and be intentional with our melanated skin. Our plant-based products are intentionally formulated to transform your skincare routine into your self-care ritual.