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You Need Vitamin E In Your Skincare Routine, Here's Why

The skincare industry can sometimes have many ingredients listed on the products that can make it hard to understand what they mean and what they do. Vitamin E is a common ingredient found in many skincare products. Today, we’re diving deep into what it is, how it works and how it benefits you!

What is Vitamin E and what does it do?

Vitamin E isn't as popular in skincare as vitamins C and A, but you're probably already feeling its benefits. Vitamin E is an essential fat-soluble nutrient that has anti-inflammatory properties and supports the immune system, cell function, and overall skin health.

Benefits of Vitamin E for your skin

  • Keeps skin moisturized
  • Products with vitamin E provide long-lasting moisture to the skin. This is why vitamin E is found in many hydrating serums and moisturizers - it allows for moisture retention between your skin cells much longer than products without it.

  • Has healing properties
  • Vitamin E assists in various kinds of cellular restoration. It has the ability to speed up the healing of skin injuries like sunburns (which is very helpful during the summer season!), regular burns, scars, and wounds.

  • Offers antioxidant properties
  • Antioxidants prevent oxidative damage to cells by helping remove free radicals. Free radicals are a result of environmental stressors, such as unprotected sun exposure and air pollution, and can cause unwanted changes in the skin, such as dark spots.

  • Soothes skin
  • Vitamin E helps calm the skin and make it feel comfortable after irritation from pollution and sun damage.

  • Protects skin from the Sun
  • If vitamin E is combined with tyrosinase inhibitors like alpha arbutin or kojic acid, and sunscreen, it can offer more protection than just sunscreen alone. 

  • Keeps your skin’s protective barrier intact
  • Vitamin E keeps lipids fresh in your skin, which helps to keep the protective barrier intact. This can aid in the sealing of small cracks in the skin's barrier that allow moisture to escape, leaving the skin tight and dry.

    Who should use it and how often?

    Vitamin E should be used by anyone with dry skin since it offers many hydrating benefits. However, vitamin E is not recommended for people with sensitive skin. You should use vitamin E once a day, preferably at night. You can find Vitamin E in our Alpha Glow Serum!

    Best skincare ingredients to combine with vitamin E

    • Alpha Arbutin + Vitamin E + SPF = Sun Protection
    • Kojic Acid + Vitamin E = Collagen Boost


    Check out our products that are formulated with Vitamin E:

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    This blog post was written by Darija Barkusova, Social Media Intern, and was edited by Sarah Houston, founder.

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